Stretch Bundling Film
       Stretch Wrap also known as pallet wrap is a simple process of wrapping boxes or items that have been accumulated on a pallet and then pulled tightly together by the force of the film wrapped around the boxes or items.
This is much like taking a rubber band and wrapping it around your finger. The more you stretch the rubber band the tighter it wraps around your finger and the bluer it gets.
Bubble Packing Materials
       The bubble has good cushioning effect, shock resistance, hot-seal performance. The bubble contains an air retention layer designed to provide increased strength and puncture resistance and provide a greater reduction of heat transfer and anti-static. Cushion and protect fragile items, recommended for packing irregularly shaped items protecting corners from scraping. it use for to pack electronics, precision instruments, porcelain, glasses, furniture, postal parcels, parts of auto and bicycles
Strapping Tape
       PBOPP tapes have added a whole new dimension to packaging. The bi axially oriented polypropylene film has superior adhesive, which is applied by the latest state-of-the-art-coating machine. This latest technology, which is carefully formulated and produced to deliver high tackiness, greater holding power and adhesion strength..
We deal with all kind of packing materials like Bubble Packing, Box Strapping, Hessian/Bardan, HDPE Fabric, Strech Flim etc.
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