H.D.P.E Rope
       A Rope is a length of fibers, twisted or braided together to improve strength for pulling and connecting. It has tensile strength but is too flexible to provide compressive strength.Rope is thicker and stronger than similarly constructed cord, line, string, or twine. Common materials for rope include natural fibers such as manila hemp, hemp, linen, cotton, coir, jute, and sisal.Synthetic fibers in use for rope-making include polypropylene, nylon, polyesters.
Nylon Ropes
       This rope is the strongest of the industrial man made fibres.It is generally white in colour with a very smooth surface, made up from multifilament yarns, it has a superior strength to all the other polymer based industrial ropes and has excellent wear capabilities it is also resistant to multiple loadings. Because of this, its high stretch combined with its high strength gives it excellent resistance to shock loading.

Poly Steel Rope
       This is another recent introduction to the polypropylene rope family which is becoming more popular for industrial applications where once it was mainly used in the fishing industry.
As its name says it has approximately a 14% higher breaking load than the standard polypropylene ropes and it has excellent abrasive resistance.
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